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90% of the content you post on your businesses social media page will not even make it to your followers/fans feed. Should you even care about your social media pages?

The days of expanding your online presence through simple social media posts are long gone. There are occasional “viral posts” that break out of the norm, but the reality is that 90% of the content you post on your businesses’ social media accounts won’t even make it to your followers’ news feeds. If your own followers aren’t seeing your organic (non-promoted) posts, then you can rest assured that no one outside of your fan base is seeing them either. But there is still value in posting regularly on social media if you have the right strategy.

Our social media management services include strategic development, goal creation, creative content, and in depth-analytics to ensure you get the best possible ROI.

The Value Of Social Media Management

The social media landscape has changed a lot in the last 3 years. As companies like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn grew in popularity, so did the cost of promoting your company on their platforms. They’ve made it very difficult to create, maintain, and grow your online presence without paying them via social media ads.

This might seem like a bad thing, but paid advertising on social media platforms comes with some powerful perks like targeted ads, advanced analytics, and deeper market reach. In most cases, the best social media strategies include both social media management for organic content and paid promotions, both working in tandem to achieve your social media goals. However, there is still value in creating organic (non-promoted) content even if you don’t combine it with paid online marketing.

  • Real businesses have a website and social media accounts. An interesting result of the social media revolution was the influx of businesses who jumped into platforms when they could get huge exposure at an extremely low cost. The days of low-cost exposure are long gone, but the aftermath of this trend made social media accounts a business norm. Some of your clients, having become used to interacting with companies on social media, may prefer social media as a way to keep in touch with you.
  • Not having an active social media account is like not having your company vehicles branded or not having a business card for your sales team. Sadly (and often wrongly), not having an active social media account implies that your company is not professional enough or large enough to manage a social media account.
  • Social media accounts that produce high value for followers will be seen and shared. Although simply posting to your social media account will not reach your clients or generate new followers without paid promotions, engaging posts that bring high value to your followers will be read because they will intentionally seek you out and make sure they stay up to date. This can be done pragmatically with notification settings build into user settings (that are off by default) or simply by having your fans search for your content by habit, by sending reminders, or from outside media like newsletters.
  • Social media platforms are a great way to get referrals and give referrals to your colleagues and business buds. Most business owners, managers, and sales staff have a network of outside friends and colleges that they like to refer. Social media is a great way to nurture those relationships. Additionally, social media networks can also provide a low-cost way to expand your existing referral network.

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