Our Pricing

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We’ve created a simple and standardized approach to our pricing that ensures our clients receive a fair price for the services we offer. We give each client access to all the work we do in our project management software as well as insights into our profit after expenses. We’re aiming to be around for the next 30 years at a minimum and believe that we’ll achieve that goal by being honest and transparent about our costs and profits.

We bill for projects either by the hour or by the project depending on the scope of the work. Our hourly rates range from $89 - $150 an hour while projects or packages are billed per project or by the month. Our goal is to keep man hours as low as possible while maintaining the top-tier service we’ve become known for. Our pricing model allows us to reach our internal goals of having a stable and long-lasting company that creates an amazing work atmosphere for our team members. The financial strength and positive work environment at Jonroc are key factors in our ability to deliver finished projects that are the highest quality in our industry while still being competitive in price for high-end custom designed websites and content. If you are not in the market for a high performing custom website or premier content we’re not going to send you away empty-handed. Check our recommendations for 3rd party applications and economy services that fit well in a tight budget.

Behind the Curtains

Because our client’s projects are primarily custom in nature estimating costs on a per project basis can be tricky. At times we come in way under budget which means more profit for us and other times we end up coming in over budget with means no profit. In either case, we still charge the same fixed amount for the project. Charging a fixed price up front gives our clients peace of mind and variable profit levels per project create a safety net for us if we underestimate a project. When we average out all client projects for the year we hope to make a 20% net profit. Package pricing is how most web design agencies charge, but very few are upfront about the potential that they may make more profit by charging a package price than they would if they charged per hour. We’ve chosen to be honest about our goal to make as much profit as possible over the course of each project and we think it’s a good thing for both us and our clients in the big picture.

But wait! What if you don’t want to risk paying more than needed with package pricing? In that case, we offer any project or package at standard hourly rates, but we reserve the right to come in on the high side of the estimate if needed. We need to deliver the stellar quality of service we’ve become known for and at times that means we have to go the extra mile and spend extra time on a project. We are very accurate at estimating project times especially if you choose one of our less custom prestructured packages but we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to come in under budget on every project we take on. In the end, we want all of our clients to feel like they have received a fair price for the services we deliver and depending on your personality type an hourly rate may be the best fit for you.