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The technical nature of website development tends to leave clients at a loss when looking into options for their new website, not because they don't think it's important but because they don't have the technical expertise to explore the topic in its fullest sense.

This is where Jonroc shines above the competition. We're building more than just websites; we're building trusted partnerships that last a lifetime. When you enter the murky waters of website development, you can rest assured that we will be there to guide you through unscathed. We leave the technical jargon at the door and explain how each of the areas of website development will affect you and your online visitors.

Common Questions

What’s Web Development?

If you think of your website as a storefront, web design is the outside and web development is the inside. While a web designer considers the details of your best possible user experience for your maximum ROI, web development brings that vision to life with functionality.

Web developers build the inside of your website with reliable coding for core functionality. This means you don’t have to worry about expensive and embarrassing “technical difficulties.”

Why Web Development at Jonroc?

Discover a website without limits

Our experienced web development team boasts a strong portfolio of reliable websites with cutting-edge design. Our behind-the-scenes code is always elegant and semantically sound. We have explored the internet testing different methodologies and, as a team, have come up with a web development process that is completely unique to us. Our process allows us to develop websites much faster than our average competitor without sacrificing on website speed or coding stability. As the cost per hour spent on design is 80% of a websites cost it allows us to offer high-end solutions at very competitive prices.

We build websites that work now and in the future which saves you money in the long run. We “future proof” our websites so you can continue to build on what we have already created as you need new features and content on your website. No matter how rapidly the pace of technology accelerates, your website will continue to deliver stellar performance with maximum functionality. We even guarantee it!

Content Management CMS

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) allow website owners to make updates to their websites’ content. The websites that we develop include optional CMS interfaces with training videos and knowledge base forums. We can utilize any PHP-based Content Management System, but WordPress is our favorite. WordPress in its core version is very limited in the type of content it can create and manage. To fix this, we can develop custom plugins that extend the functionality of the WordPress core to be able to develop almost any type of custom database design or workflow. Keeping your website up to date will be as easy as creating a Word Document or filling in an online form.

E-Commerce Website Development


Our conversion-focused e-commerce solutions are custom-tailored to your workflow and sales funnel. Our sites are built to run powerful SEO campaigns as well as track and analyze digital marketing campaigns. Please contact us to learn more about the e-commerce solutions we can implement to reach your sales goals. 

Membership Websites

Client/Membership Access

Looking to give website visitors access to manage and create an online account? We can create everything from member directories to full-featured online memberships for products or services. You’ll have full control over your members’ access rights and information with an easy-to-use dashboard for updating information.

Custom Web Applications

Custom Applications

Custom applications are created when you need to do more than serve basic text or graphic content. Examples include photo galleries, schedules/calendars, questionnaires, and API integration to third-party websites or applications. Custom applications are where our nerd-power can really shine through for you and your online visitors.

Custom Website Database

Custom Databases

Sometimes our clients have custom data that has to be presented to the online world. With a custom-made database, you can add fields that you wouldn’t normally find in a normal CMS platform. Custom databases are also great for storing large volumes of data which can be searched by online visitors from your website.

Mobile Responsive Websites

Mobile Smart

Many of our clients see higher traffic from mobile phones than tablets or desktops. It’s critical that your new website displays properly for any device an online visitor may be using. It’s commonplace for websites to respond to mobile devices, but our mobile-smart websites have SMART responsive technology which will update the website to add or remove features dependent on the your user’s screen size. We can also add smart features like a click to call button or a get directions button for mobile phones.