In the time it takes you to finish this paragraph, Google will perform 504,000 internet searches. Out of 1.93 billion websites, 10 will appear on the front page of Google search results, and those 10 will receive 95% of internet traffic.

Since the dawn of search engines, the owners of websites have developed a series of systems and tactics to help us score that number one slot in a search query.

That number one slot alone will receive 33% of search traffic, which means a whole lot of revenue. Every website and small business had the same question: how can I help Google find me?  The art and science of SEO is expansive and the answer to this question is both simple and complicated.

Search Engine Optimization is a set of applied principles and practices in digital marketing to ensure your website is visible in search results. 

Search Engine Optimization is a foundational digital skill in the world of website design, content creation, and online marketing. At its core, SEO is about optimizing your website and online presence for the best user experience. This is how you help Google find you. Bad SEO (or lack of any) equates to a bad user experience. This is the reason why your gorgeous, tricked-out website loaded with all the right keywords and all the right tags might still never see the front page.

You can have the most gorgeous website in the world, but it doesn’t matter if Google does not think people should be able to find it.

Since organic search traffic delivers a whopping 40% of online and in-person revenue, it’s not hard to imagine how something as simple as your ranking in search results can translate to tremendous boosts in profit.

We work to apply our proven SEO principles and practices in every aspect of our web design and digital marketing efforts. To rank well in search engines your website design itself, to the content we create, to your presence on social media must all align with each other and be high quality.

Whether you want your existing website optimized for search engines or if we’re building you a custom website from scratch, rest assured that SEO is our priority every step of the way.

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