Spotsy Arts Festival

The Client

Spotsy Arts Festival is an exhibition this August where artists of all kinds will converge in historic Spotsylvania County, Virginia to share their work. The festival, which will be juried, is designed to showcase artists across a spectrum of disciplines and create a full convergence of peak talent with its exhibition. The event, hosted by Jart, Inc. will be held the second weekend in August 2019 on Courthouse Road, featuring exhibitors from painters to glassblowers to metalworkers and more.

The Opportunity

As a special event website, we knew the client needed both to showcase the variety of offerings at the festival, provide basic information, and promote itself to showcase its brand. We designed the website to both be functional, informative, and attractive, with high-quality images, an intuitive interface, and easily accessible sign-up access for attendees, sponsors, and participants.

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Spotsy Arts Festival Responsive Website Design

Featured Artists

We designed a special section on the website homepage to showcase featured artists. Artists who sign up early to participate in the festival will be featured on the home page in the featured artists' section, which allows both the artists to display their work front-and-center and Spotsy to incentivize performers to sign up early for the exhibition.

Spotsy Arts Festival Jonroc Custom Website on Tablet

Exhibitors Database/Listing

A key feature of all major event websites is accessibility to information. To showcase both the vendors and the exhibitors, we created a custom website database to display all participating artists (both to inform attendees and to create promotional appeal).

Spotsy Arts Festival Custom Website on Tablet Vertical

Brand Development

Spotsy Arts Festival needed its website not only to be informative but to truly build interest in the festival itself. With carefully chosen language, high-quality images, intuitive navigation, and readily accessible displays to highlight the best features of the event, we aimed to build interest in the event and emphasize its appeal to encourage attendance, participation, and overall deliver the message of quality and fun.

Spotsy Arts Festival Jonroc Custom Website on Screen


Spotsy Arts Festival now boasts immediate brand credibility with a high-quality, informative, and aesthetically appealing website. We designed this website to meet our client's needs, creating a custom database of exhibitor listings, basic event information, easy sign-up accessibility, and an attractive portrayal of its brand. Spotsy Arts Festival now has a responsive website that makes it easy for artists to sign up, easy for attendees to learn more about the event, and easy for event promoters to showcase the festival's appeal. Spotsy Arts Festival knew a high-quality website is a valuable resource, and not only are they satisfied, but they're even more optimistic their event will be a success.

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