Peerless Events and Tents

The Client

Peerless Events and Tents is a party rental company that has four locations throughout the Texas area. They specialize in tent structures, staging, catering equipment, and unique tabletop items. Their broad target demographics are event planners, caterers, and individuals who have an upcoming party or event.

The Opportunity

Peerless Events and Tents needed to attract the attention of individuals who are in the process of planning an event or wedding. We’ve had the pleasure to work with Peerless over the last four years, and we know that the demographic that utilized their website the most in the past was females age 20-35. To appeal to this age group, we came up with a design that is elegant in style yet minimalistic flow. This popular style will feel familiar to most demographics but is especially relevant to their target demographic. In addition to the updated look and feel of the website, we expanded the website’s value by adding a Table Top Design Center which allows visitors to create a digital mockup of their next event’s table settings and accessories.

See Mobile & Desktop Version Live

Design Center

The design works via a custom plugin that we created to showcase their WordPress rental catalog in an interactive and fun way. This new website feature adds value to their highest volume target demographic of females ages 20-35, but all demographics utilize it. The design center allows visitors to see what rental items will look like on a table top. Once you’ve mixed and matched the perfect design, you can create a downloadable image of your design, share it on social media, and send a copy to the your email as well as the Peerless sales staff. The social share feature is instrumental in spreading the word about the new website feature and provides an autonomous way to promote items in their rental catalog. Additionally, you can create a wish list from the items on the rental catalog and that an official quote be emailed to you.

Custom Website Design

Peerless Events and Tents was able to get a pixel perfect match to their personal design preferences and style. Because we created a custom website with a custom WordPess theme, the answer to “Can we do this or that?” is almost always yes! In addition to being able to bring to life a pixel-perfect rendition of Peerless’ vision, we were able to add in some subtle yet impactful animations. Custom website animations help turn what would be “just another minimalistic design” into a unique and memorable minimalistic design.

Search Engine Optimization

We’ve had the privilege to manage Peerless Events and Tents SEO campaigns for over four years now. While we reached our keyword goals for all major high traffic keywords a long time ago, we still provide general oversite and monitoring for the campaign. Our primary goal now is to maintain the good standing of the high traffic keywords while moving longer and less common keywords to the 1st and 2nd positions in Google and Bing. We also provide continued reporting on competitors standings and create the strategy for the overall continued health of the SEO campaign.

Peerless Website Responsive

Search Engine Marketing

We took over the SEM budget back in 2015. At the time Peerless Events and Tents was using a “big box” SEM company that had automated everything and charged Peerless a fee for every click they received. This pricing structure encourages Big Box companies to get you as many clicks as possible, but clicks are only a small part of the equations. When we took over the campaign, the first thing we did was implement phone call tracking, contact form tracking, chat request tracking, and quote request tracking. These metrics allow us to know what the cost per lead is vs. simply knowing how much each click costs. In the first year, we were able to lower the cost per click and bring their average cost per lead down to a level they were ecstatic about receiving. With the launch of the new design center, we have yet another lead capturing tool (requesting a quote from the design center) to track. As time progresses, we’ll be able to help Peerless calculate the ROI on the investment of the design center.


Peerless Events and Tents has a custom-made website that is a perfect fit for their highest traffic demographic while remaining relevant to all demographics that visit the website. The design is modern, clean, and easy to navigate. The custom animations throughout the website create a sense of uniqueness that is engaging and memorable. The design center is a value-added feature that helps to promote rental items, collect new leads, and increases SEO value as users will stay on site for longer periods of time. Overall we’re thrilled with how well the website came together, and we look forward to many more years of service to Peerless Events and Tents.

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