Full Measure Fitness

The Client

Daniel, of Full Measure Fitness, provides holistic style fitness and lifestyle services, including massage therapy, fitness training, and full-body stretching to clients in the RVA area. Through a comprehensive and personalized approach, FMF offers you the tools and knowledge to help you get off the couch and be active and present in your life.

The Opportunity

Daniel, of Full Measure Fitness, needed a clear way to showcase his expert knowledge, world-class facilities, and the unique way he approaches fitness and health that sets him apart from traditional fitness trainers and therapists. FMF’s old website was cluttered and unordered, making it difficult to understand what services he offers, as well as making it difficult to book an appointment online. Daniel’s amazing personality and the unique selling proposition of FMF was lost in a jumbled mess that detracted from the professionalism and care Daniel’s current clients enjoy.

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“I’ve been looking over the new website and I love it!! Great job and I’m super happy with it! Thank you for everything, it’s an awesome site! The couple of people I’ve shown it to love it as well!!” - Daniel

Optimized Website for Conversions

Daniel’s old website was designed to be more of an informative site and did not clearly encourage users to take any action. In addition to bringing visitors to the new website, we also need to set up the site to invite them to take the next step. Not only that, we needed to transform them from interested prospects into customers. To reach that goal, we incorporated multiple calls to action and incentivized users with a special discounted offer of a fitness package, all throughout the website, leading to more interest in booking or direct contact via phone or the contact form.

Full Measure Fitness Horizontal Tablet View

Created/Recreated Professional Brand

To ensure all prospective clients would feel comfortable working in one-on-one sessions with Daniel, besides just showcasing his technical knowledge, we wanted to showcase his professional style. We brainstormed with Daniel to help him clearly define his unique selling proposition. He is a friendly and open person who makes training sessions more accessible and more enjoyable than your standard “gym trainer” workout, and that was imperative to showcase that on the site to further set him apart from local competitors. Through our brainstorming process, we also found out that Daniel uses a holistic fitness, Tia stretching, and healthy lifestyle approach with his clients that sets him apart from other fitness coaches. We helped layout a strategy for FMF that Daniel could follow to help clarify is brand and services on his website. We had Daniel get a photographer to shoot some candid shots of his studio and him working with clients so we could add more images of him on the website that highlighting his warm approach with clients. We also helped him to create a brand tagline, “Holistic Fitness & Massage”, as well as a brand statement, “Integrate fitness and massage to build a healthier state of mind and body.

Easy to Manage and Update Website

With the new site Jonroc has developed for Full Measure Fitness, Daniel no longer has to reach out to a developer just to update the site. We created a website that he can easily update and manage himself, including both text content, package pricing, FAQs, and images.

Full Measure Fitness Laptop View


In a very competitive environment, Daniel needed a custom website that showcased his professionalism and knowledge of the industry. After working with Jonroc, Full Measure Fitness now has a SEO-friendly, easy to manage, fast-loading, and properly optimized website. The content accurately reflects the knowledge and professionalism that FMF offers. After completing a technical exercise with us to determine precisely how FMF stands out from the competition, we became aware that he provides a complete holistic approach to working with his clients. The new website also highlights his unique service offerings like Thai massage and Thai stretching. When potential clients want to learn more about Full Measure Fitness’ service offerings, Daniel can now rest easy that the website accurately represents the available facilities, his expert knowledge, and his unique approach to healthy living.

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