Kaylan Hospitality

The Client

Kalyan Hospitality provides the ultimate guest experience through their team of exceptionally talented associates who are committed to providing truly unique and personalized experiences. Their extensive portfolio of properties is located in Central Virginia and Washington State.

The Opportunity

Kalyan Hospitality needed a website that professionally showcases both their development, under construction, and completed properties so that potential new investors can learn all of the details about each one of their properties. Kalyan Hospitality’s previous website design was not only formatted in a way that made them look unprofessional, but it was also complicated to manage all the properties’ details from the administrative page. The type of high-end project management that KH provides, for every property they develop, was not portrayed adequately by their old website. In turn, they recognized that modern-day websites are your number one salesman and often the first marketing or informational material a potential investor will see. Their new website needed to match the longstanding quality and value that their brand has continually provided.

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Easy To Manage Administrative Area

Kaylan Hospitality’s old website had three separate areas where you entered the following information for each property: the map area, the projects area, and then the underdevelopment and under construction area. Initially, three separate databases were created for this function. However, having three separate databases for the same property quickly led to inconsistent information across the databases. We compiled all of the information about each property into one central area where they can easily manage the images, addresses, property status, and other details. This significantly streamlined the entire process of updating and adding new properties to their website and guarantees that each property’s information will be current and correct on the website.

Kaylan Hospitality Comm Props Tablet View

Attention to Design and User Experience

We pride ourselves in the time and attention we put into every project we create, and the results we developed for Kaylan Hospitality were no different.
To start, we realized that the old website was using the wrong color palette and did not match the branding guidelines for KH. So, we corrected the brand colors in both the web version of the logo and throughout the website’s layout.

To ensure ease of use for online visitors, we created an improved search option experience by using a detailed filtering option of the summary for their past projects/portfolio, as well as, developed a fully responsive mobile version of the website.

To further improve the overall user experience, we removed the information in the hotel listings that were on the old website that was unnecessary and that was also misleading about the types of services Kaylan Hospitality offer and their areas of specialization.
In today’s modern world, most web users will leave a slow loading site and go to a competitors’ faster loading site instead. To further elevate Kaylan Hospitality’s online presence, we cut down the load time for the website by 45%.

Lastly, we made the status of each property visually clear and concise, for both the user and the website‘s administrator.

Tablet view Kaylan Hospitality - Hotels

Custom Website Design

As with most of our website designs, Kalyan Hospitality’s website was a custom design. Our custom design met the client’s needs perfectly while keeping the elements of the old site that worked well intact. We also elevated their brand’s look to better match their level of professionalism and years of experience.

WordPress was the best choice for this project. We used WordPress’s databases and custom post types for the hotel properties they manage. Using WordPress allows Kalyan Hospitality to easily update and maintain their website and databases through the WordPress administrative dashboard. Our custom WordPress theme was made totally from scratch and showcases the latest design features for mobile responsiveness and large screen formats. Having complete control over the design of the website allowed us to create a homepage that is geared towards the needs of their target market, putting the most relevant and commonly utilized information front and center for easy access.

Responsive View of Kaylan Hospitality Website

Search Engine Optimization

With Jonroc’s SEO expertise, Kalyan Hospitality’s new website works more efficiently than ever. The old website was not correctly optimized for search engines in general but was notably lacking in the optimization of the site’s metadata. We reworked the page’s content and link structure to help ensure that hotel property management keywords are top ranking. The new website is around 24% faster than the old one and improves the keyword ranking algorithm. We also address the improper use of Heading Tags on the website in the old version of the website to help search engines better index and understand each page.

Kaylan Hospitality Laptop view


Now, Kaylan Hospitality has as an SEO-friendly, fast-loading, easy to manage, and properly optimized website. The design and content of the website accurately reflect the industry-leading properties that Kaylan Hospitality develops and manages. When potential investors want to learn more about Kaylan Hospitality’s work, they can rest assured that their website will properly represent their industry prowess and a long-standing reputation for developing and managing properties across the United States.

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