Impulse Skin & Laser

The Client

Impulse Skin and Laser provides results-oriented skin care services, full body waxing, lash lift and tints, and laser tattoo removal. Located in Richmond, VA licensed Master Esthetician, Lauren Abel, will help all of your stress melt away. Lauren will customize your skincare treatments to ensure you get the best results possible.

The Opportunity

Impulse Skin & Laser's old website was not properly mobile responsive and the website's design was heavily outdated. It did not represent the high-end service that Impulse Skin & Laser clients receive when they visit for services. The old website loaded very slow which was causing people to leave the website before they even looked through the available services. The owner did not feel confident in sending potential clients to their website to learn more about them.

See Mobile & Desktop Version Live
Responsive Website Views of Impulse
"Working with Jonroc to create our new website was such a great experience. I am very happy with our end result!" -Lauren A.

Subtle Interactive Effects

As you scroll down the home page subtle animated effect unfold bringing this website to life and making a lasting impression on potential clients! The memorability of this website helps to convert clients, even when they have visited many other competitive websites.

Hover over the laptop below to see the live website in action.

Responsive Website Tablet Impuls Skin and Laser


Impulse Skin & Laser now has a website that loads fast and properly represents the image of their brand. The overall user experience is great and Impulse Skin & Laser is now proud to send potential clients to their website.

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IS&L's website loads to screen in half a second and is fully loaded in about one second! The lightning-fast load times ensure visitors don't leave because the site is loading too slow and is also one essential aspect the search engines like Google and Bing look at when ranking your website in search results.

How fast is your current website? Check out our competition's websites on Pingdom or GTmetrix to see how they stack up to our lightning-fast websites!

This website was a Pick 3 Website, which means we built a custom website based on three of Laura's favorite websites. We took all of her favorite styles and features and combined them to create a unique look for Impulse Skin & Lazer's brand. 

The IS&L website is mobile responsive which is extremely important as over 60% of their online traffic comes from mobile devices. The site is designed to load faster and reformat layouts to give mobile users the best experience possible.

Believe it or not it's possible to create a website that works properly (most of the time) even if the code is not semantically correct. We use HTML5 Validator on all of our projects to ensure that every line of code is written in the most secure and highest functioning way possible.

How does your current website stack up? You can test your website or any of our competitor's sites with this free HTML5 Validator. For IS&L's website, you will see that there is only one false positive for a rel attribute that the validator does not have in its library (but is perfectly acceptable and used on all WordPress websites in the world).