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Credit Spread Trading

The Client

Credit spreads allow you to make money when markets go up and down, creating greater potential opportunities. Joe Simmons, CFA, produces easy to follow educational videos that help traders become better at trading credit spreads and substantially increased their monthly income.

The Opportunity

Joe, the owner of Credit Spread Trading, needed a website that could convert visitors into paying clients. The website required a free membership, which gives you access to educational videos and also a paid membership, which allows free members to upgrade and gain access to Joe’s credit spread daily trades.

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Limited Access Content

This website features the ability to restrict content and videos to specific membership levels. The first level of membership is free and super easy to sign up for (just enter an email address). Once the new members sign up for free access, the user is encouraged to sign up for the paid access portion of the website, which has Joe’s personal picks for credit spread trades.

Subscription Memberships

Subscriptions to the paid membership level are automatically billed to the client every month with access to a subscription page where members can update their contact info or change payment options.

CTS Table Membership Website

Custom Website Design

As with most of our website designs, CST’s website was a custom design. WordPress was the best choice for this project because of the need for website memberships. We used WordPress’s database and custom post types to create the different user/member types and content for members. Using WordPress allows Joe to easily update and maintain his BLOG, members, subscriptions, and educational information through the WordPress administrative dashboard. Our custom WordPress theme was made totally from scratch and features the latest design features for mobile responsiveness and large screen formats. Having total control over the layout allowed us to create a home page that is geared towards converting new visitors to free members then later to paid subscribers.


Now Joe has a website that can convert visitors into paying clients while building his email newsletter base at the same time. The website has a polished professional image, which gives potential clients confidence that Joe’s educational information is of the highest quality.

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